Handheld Translator Enhances Communication for Global Travelers


(NewsUSA) - As the world reopens, travelers are seeking trips to global destinations where fast and accurate communication is as important as the clothes you pack.     

Handheld translators help travelers communicate more effectively during multilingual conversations and promote deeper connections between locals and visitors.     

Designed for conversations between two people speaking different languages, the Pocketalk Plus translator is simple to use, portable and efficient. Use the real-time two-way translation device to speak as you normally do, in full sentences, and the Pocketalk Plus provides a fast, accurate translation that accounts for local dialects and slang in up to 82 world languages.     

The device is suited for everyone, wherever you go, whether an informal interaction asking for directions, or an exchange at a restaurant, airport, market, business meeting, tourist site, hotel or hospital.     

Key features of the Pocketalk Plus include a large touchscreen, text-to-translate camera, long battery life and two noise-cancelling microphones. The camera will translate text, written word and signs via its proprietary technology. The device can also take a photo and translate it via text on top of the image. Additionally, it can seamlessly provide an audio readout in the native language for the camera-translated text.     

Other key features:     

  • Safety. The Pocketalk Plus is HIPAA and GDPR compliant, meaning it protects your sensitive personal data, including any health information you may use the device to transmit.     
  • Size. The compact size of the device fits easily into a pocket, purse, or small travel pack.     
  • Style. The slim, elegant design of the Pocketalk Plus includes one built-in speaker, dual microphones and a rechargeable lithium battery. Its large touchscreen provides a text translation for easier clarity and the one-button translation offers simpler translations in fewer steps.     
  • Conversion Feature. Ability to calculate exchanges for currency, length, width and temperature.     
  • Complimentary two-year cellular data plan. Provides coverage in over 130 countries/regions.     

“There’s never been a greater need for accurate, fast, and accessible translations that bridge the language divide,” says Noriyuki Matsuda, Founder and CEO, Sourcenext Corporation and Pocketalk.     

“Pocketalk contributes to a deeper understanding of people and different cultures, all at one’s fingertips, and meets a need for people to communicate with each other easily anywhere in the world.”     

In addition, the Pocketalk App, coming soon to the App store and Google Play, can turn your smartphone or tablet into a two-way language translator for fast, reliable communication on the go. Just like the Pocketalk Plus device, the cloud-based app translates 82 languages, so it can enable casual conversations and provide translation support in any setting in which multiple languages are being spoken.     

Visit pocketalk.com for more information.     

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